William Golding 's ' Romeo '

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Prince Charming, Romeo Montague, and Edward Cullen—all create a hopeful image in a young girl’s mind of finding her own fairytale prince and have a happy ending. However, can a person really spend the rest of his or her life with the same person? Sometimes, the qualities that seem appealing at first can turn traitors when the bond lasts long term. Marriage—the official name given to the life-long relationship two people choose to go into—provokes deep-thinking. Though people have confidence in their relationship, they are often proven wrong. A love-based marriage should not present an option when choosing a life partner. Define love. A feeling? A psychological problem? An illusion, perhaps? The cycle goes on: People get married, divorced, remarried. Unfortunately, they take love as a reason to marry not something else. Genetics, for instance, provides an incentive for those who cannot find their “right one” in our huge global population. Of course, many people misinterpret and view genetics-based marriages as a wrong way of building a relationship. A genetics marriage reflects a biological basis. People should marry their potential mate—one who can fulfill the ideal needs for a strong future generation. This way, at least, people do not have the excuse that they did not feel love in their marriage anymore, and they need to get separated. Providing a different way of living for many, the marriage based on genetics represents reproductive success. One, in reality, marries…
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