William Golding's The Lord of the Flies

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English author William Gerald Golding wrote Lord of the flies as his first novel in 1954. Golding would later become famous as a novelist, playwright, and poet, yet before Lord of the flies publishers had rejected his works many times. Fortunately for Golding and future readers, his new editor Charles Monteith helped him to make some changes to the text and publish the book in September 1954 as Lord of the Flies (“William Golding” par.7). This book became hugely successful, and in 1983 Golding was awarded for it a Nobel Prize in Literature ("William Golding - Prize Presentation" par.1). The main characters of this novel are Ralph, Jack, Simon, and Piggy. Ralph, who represents civilizing instinct, is elected as the leader of the group of…show more content…
Since the boys don’t know how long they would have to stay on the island and when they will be rescued, Ralph thinks they must be organized well to survive together. Hence, Ralph establishes rules such as holding the conch shell when a person speaks and keeping the fire to attract passing ships. However, he fails to make all the boys follow. For example, when he suggests people to build the shelter, most of them play around. Ralph is a little too lenient and does not enforce the rules strictly enough to keep order. Also, the decisions that Ralph makes lead to disagreements and cause friction between Jack and Ralph. Jack continues to blame Ralph on account of his lack of direct action against the beast. When Jack storms out of the assembly, he forms his own tribe, which is headquartered at Castle Rock, the mountain on the island. From then on, Jack begins in earnest to attack Ralph and his companions, even though they haven’t attacked Jack’s tribe. Ralph’s unifying power reaches its low point when Jack’s partisan power reaches its high point. As time goes by, Jack seems almost addicted to the state of bloodlust and barbaric frenzy. When Jack’s tribe steals Piggy’s glasses, Ralph and his last allies try to get the glasses back, heading to Castle Rock. However, Roger, who is a member of Jack’s group, rolls a boulder from the fort that smashes the conch shell and kills Piggy. The next day, Jack’s tribe tries to
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