William Griffith Wilson: Co-Founder of Alcoholic Anonymous

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William Griffith Wilson, also known as Bill Wilson, or Bill W. was born on November 26, 1895 in Dorset, Vermont. He was brought into the world at the home and business of his parents Emily and Gilman Wilson, The Mount Aeolus Inn and Tavern. As Bill grew up into a boy his parents marriage fell apart and had abandoned him only to be raised by his grandparents. Bill’s father never returned home after a business trip, and his mother went abroad to study osteopathic medicine. (“Bill Wilson”, 2012). In his early teens Bill showed great determination in everything he did. For instance, there was a time he spent months just building a wooden boomerang. He eventually became his football teams captain, and was the principal violinist in his school…show more content…
Determined to get better, he checked into a hospital and underwent the treatment at that time for alcoholics, the barbiturate and belladonna cure, also known as "purge and puke." (Pudgett, (nd)). Regardless of how he felt, he continued to do what he needed to do to stay sober. His permanent sobriety began on December 11, 1934. As Bill lay in the hospital, the thought came to him that there were thousands of hopeless alcoholics who might be overjoyed to have what was so freely given to him. He felt as though he could help some of those alcoholics. Then those he helped, might in turn work with other struggling alcoholics, passing on the message. Bill, then came to understand how helping others would be imperative to his recovery.( Cheever, 2004). After his release from the hospital, he managed to stay sober but returned to the hospital quite often to help other alcoholics undergoing detox. It was during this time that Bill faced his moment of truth at the Mayflower Hotel and began his association and friendship with Dr. Bob Smith. Bill and Dr. Bob helped each other first and then reached out to other alcoholics. Soon they began to hold meetings for recovering alcoholics so that they could support their recovery group and welcome others who were looking for help, struggling or not; these meeting are now known as Alcoholics Anonymous. (Pudgett, (nd)). Mahatma Gandhi once

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