William Henry Gates V. Gates

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William Henry Gates III (1955-Present)

William Henry Gates (AKA Bill Gates) founded the world’s largest software company, Microsoft, which helped make the development of computers which added them to our daily life.
Early Life
William Henry Gates III (AKA Bill Gates) was born in Seattle, Washington 27th October 1955 shortly after 9:00PM. Bill Gates’ parents were named William Henry Gates, Sr. and Mary Maxwell Gates. As a child his parents called him ‘Trey’. Bill Gates lived with two sisters: Kristianne who is older, and Libby, who is younger.

Bill Gates was educated at Harvard College from 1973-1975 before this he was at Lakeside School from 1967-1973. At the age of 13 Bill Gates was interested in the programming language BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) with this programming language he created Tic-Tac-Toe where you could verse the computer. He created this for his classmates at Lakeside School. A PDP-10 belonging to the Computer Centre Corporation (CCC) banned four school students Gates, Paul Allen, Rick Wieland, and Kent Evans for the summer because they were exploiting bugs in the Operating System to obtain free computer time. At the end of the ban from the computer, the four students offered to find bugs in the CCC’s Operating System in exchange for computer time.

Early Career

Gates enrolled in Harvard University originally wanting to have a career in law but he spent more time in the computer lab than in class. Gates…
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