William Henry Harrison Is Not The Most Well Known President

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William Henry Harrison is not the most well-known President because of his extremely short term in office before his untimely death. Before he was elected President of the United States however, Harrison was not only the Governor of the Indiana Territory, he was also a Major General in the Continental Army. One of the largest reasons for his successful campaign for President was his prowess as a military tactician and his expert use of the mission command system. During the famous Battle of Tippecanoe, Governor Harrison demonstrated excellent mission command through his use of the six doctrinal tenants and decisively won the battle for American colonials, thus creating the ability to continue expansion westward and weakening British…show more content…
“Commanders continuously develop, test, and update their understanding throughout the conduct of operations. They actively collaborate with other commanders, the staff, and unified action partners, to create a shared understanding.” Understanding the mission is a crucial step to start the military decision making process because not understanding the task at hand will create blurred vision of the commander’s intent for any given mission. As Governor of the Indiana Territory, Harrison understood that the treaties with the Native Confederacy were extremely fragile. As Tecumseh and his brother’s efforts to demean the treaties’ value continued, Governor Harrison realized that a conflict was inevitable inside his territory. “Harrison suggested, as a means to prevent war, that the calamity might be avoided by marching a considerable force up the Wabash and dispersing the “banditti” the Prophet had collected.” With the idea of preemptive attack firmly planted in his head, he sowed the seeds for the eventual battle that later ensued. Harrison also had received intelligence that the great Native leader Tecumseh was recruiting more warriors to his cause, which furthered the fear that the Natives would grow stronger and eventually raid the settlers to take back some of the lands ceded from them. This intelligence furthered the idea to Harrison that he needed to field an army and quell the Native rebellion before it got too out of hand. The

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