William Jones and Pi Essay

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William Jones is a famous mathematician the created, and was the first to use, pi. William was born on a farm in Anglesey, then later moved to Llanbabo on Anglesey, then moved again after the death of William's father. He attended a charity school at Llanfechell. There his mathematical talents were spotted by the local landowner who arranged for him to be given a job in London. His job was in a merchant’s counting house. This job had Jones serving at sea on a voyage to the West Indies. He taught mathematics and navigation on board ships between 1695 and 1702. He was serving on a navy vessel which. Navigation was a topic which greatly interested Jones and his first published work was “A New Compendium of the Whole Art of Navigation” It was…show more content…
Jones was also friends with the Parker family, and had done business with them at their castle at Shirburn. It was greatly helped that he had a good friendship with Philip Yorke and George Parker, especially after he lost all his money when the bank that he kept his money had been run down. His two former students were later men of great influence and were able to help Jones with obtaining many different types of jobs with various positions, and he was paid well. The first man to really make an impact in the calculation of pi was the Greek, Archimedes of Syracuse. Where two people by then name of Antiphon and Bryson left off with their inscribed and circumscribed polygons, Archimedes took up the challenge. However, he used a slightly different method than they used. Archimedes focused on the polygons' perimeters as opposed to their areas, so that he approximated the circle's circumference instead of the area. He started with an inscribed and a circumscribed hexagon then doubled the sides four times to finish with two 96-sided polygons. Archimedes approximated the area of a circle by using the Pythagorean Theorem to find the areas of two regular polygons: the polygon inscribed within the circle and the polygon within which the circle was circumscribed. Since the actual area of the circle lies between the areas of the inscribed and circumscribed polygons, the areas of the polygons gave upper and lower

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