William Levy Essay

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William Levy is a Cuban-American actor and former model who was born in august 29, 1980. His original name is William Levy Gutiérrez.
He was a model for Next model agency.

He gained attention from public after he joined “Dancing with the Star”. He was partnered with Cheril Burke for season 14.

He appeared in his first film “Retazos de Viva”.

Dia juga telah bermain dalam beberapa film terkenal seperti Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, A Change of Heart, The Veil and many more.

He also has played in several famous movies such as 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter', 'A Change of Heart', 'The Veil' and many more.

He is also believed to play in a theater entitled 'Un amante a la medida' from 2009 until 10.

Although he is more well-known
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However, Elizabeth denied the rumor by posted some photos of togetherness with her boyfriend, William Levi and their children.

She said it’s kind of hard to be separated with William because they have children, even though they are not married.
It is hard to estimate the ideal woman of Levy. Where in the history of his love life in front of the public is only known that he only had a love history with Elizabeth Gutierez.

Their relationship is deep enough until they have two children even without a marriage made many fans assume that ideal woman of Levy is Elizabeth.

Although Elizabeth has older age than him about one year, she is a mature woman, it can be seen that she could raise her children very well.

Although it is not known the exact reason why that make them apart but until now Levy can not make himself comfortable with another woman except Elizabeth.

Now he just focuses on his career and also raises his children.
He lives for his girlfriend Elizabeth Gutierez. They have been dated for fourteen years since 2003 until now they have two children.

However, they never married.

People started to assume that he didn’t take a marriage as a must
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