William Lloyd Garrison And Fredrick Douglass

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Abolitionist W.L. Garrison and Fredrick Douglass We all realize during this day and age that slavery was just a terrible historical event in the United States during the early periods and there was a movement of Abolitionism that attempted to rid the United States of slavery. Abolitionist came from several walks of life. There were hundreds of abolitionist as well but some were at the forefront of this movement. William Lloyd Garrison was the founder of the Boston Liberator, the “Liberator was a newspaper dedicated to universal and immediate slave emancipation”. The American Anti-Slavery Society batter known as AASS was also cofounded by W.L. Garrison. The American Anti-Slavery Society was devoted to the cause of emancipation as well. (Pg1) “Garrisonians”—as members of the AASS were known— faced threats, ostracism, and even physical violence”. (Pg4) Many abolitionist would travel between the Americas and England during this time frame. W.L. Garrison said, “No wonder the abolitionists looked to England as a safer haven where they could breathe freely”. W.L. Garrison was extremely passionate in regards to slave emancipation. He would often “Meditate on the problem of how to abolish slavery”. He desired a democratic world and wanted all to be safe. (Pg10) His view of a democratic world lead to the debate of “Public Opinion” between him and Wendell Phillips. Although they both fought to defend the agitation of public opinion, they eventually
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