William Lloyd Garrison Was A Brave Journalist

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William Lloyd Garrison was a brave journalist whose biggest goal was to end the enslavement of African- Americans. In 1805, the inspiring journalist, was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts where he endured extreme poverty. For example, Garrison was abandoned by his father at the age of three and was raised by a single mother. In 1816, Garrison struggled in grammar school and he even said that “he did not know one single rule of grammar.” Even though, Garrison was ten years old, he was not that bright in reading and he only used, “sermons and religious tracts,” to practice because that was the only thing he could afford. When his mother started having health problems, Garrison took an apprentice job as a cabinetmaker, which did not last because he felt that the job was boring. In 1818, Lloyd was rescued from poverty when he was apprenticed to Ephraim W. Allen, who was an editor for the newspaper company Newburyport Herald. Furthermore, Garrison would work at the Newburyport Herald for seven years, but would not enjoy working there and even stated that, “My little heart sank like lead within me,” when he walked in the Herald office for the first time. At thirteen years old, Garrison worked at the Newburyport Herald as a printer and he also increased in his reading from, “Shakespeare and the Waverly novels.” Also, garrison took an interest in the management of newspapers and the federalist politicians of Newburyport. Garrison also joined a debating society which was known…
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