William Mckinley Campaign Film Analysis

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The election of 1896 was the year William McKinley launched the first campaign film. McKinley’s campaign ad was a re-enactment of his nomination announcement as he stood in front of a room full of supporters. Once McKinley became president, his film sparked the beginning of scheduled announcement known today as The State of the Union. Most believed McKinley’s campaign film helped with his presidential win against Democratic nominee William Jennings Bryan. Later, McKinley would serve four years as president before his assassination in 1901 at the Pan-American Exposition. Today, campaign ads are one of the most expensive parts of campaigns and effective with voters that are unreachable on social media. However, social media allows candidates to place…show more content…
In 1923, Coolidge became the first president to deliver his State of the Union address through radio (Desilver, 2015)12. At least six different states tuned in to hear Coolidge’s address through long-distance cable lines. The advanced equipment allowed listeners from Washington, New York, Providence, St. Louis, Kansas City and Dallas access to the speech held in the House Chambers. According to the New York Times, the State Department also notified the Embassies in London and Paris to listen to Coolidge address. For Coolidge, radio was only the beginning of his social communications efforts with American citizens. In August 1924, Coolidge also tapped into thousands of homes by appearing and speaking in a motion picture. Later, in 1925 Coolidge became the first to broadcast his inauguration, an accomplishment William McKinley dreamt of achieving. Coolidge speech brought significance to how political leaders communicate and engage with voters. Overall, Coolidge’s presidency shifted the innovative world of communication strategies for politicians in the
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