William Paterson And The Civil War

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Austin Marshall Mr.Timms History 4th HR PATERSON, WILLIAM William Paterson, well known for being a delegate and a senator from New Jersey, that signed the constitution. William Paterson was born in Antrim in Northern Ireland on December 24, 1745. Richard Paterson, his father, brought the family to British America. Paterson entered Princeton in 1759, at age 14. He graduated from the College of New Jersey in 1763. In 1775 he was selected as a delegate from Somerset County to the First Provincial Congress of New Jersey, where he was named secretary. After independence was declared, William Paterson was selected to be New Jersey 's first attorney general by Governor William Livingston. Following the rest of the war he successfully struggled with the monumental task of maintaining law and order during the revolutionary war. In 1779, he married Cornelia Bell; they had three kids, with the second one not making it, and the third killing the mother. He later devoted his life to law again and got remarried to Euphemia White in 1784. His long experience in state politics and administration earned him a seat on the five-person Delegation sent by New Jersey to the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, when he brought forth the New Jersey Plan, which stated a unicameral style of government with equal representation from each state. In the debate that followed, the Great Compromise, which brought proportional representation in the House of Representatives and equal
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