William Penn & John Winthrop's Goals in Colonization Essay

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During the early colonization of the East coast of North America, many groups of people of Europe came to the New World such as the Puritans and Quakers. Both the Puritans, led by John Winthrop, and the Quakers, led by William Penn, were escaping persecution from England but each they had their own views and goals in religion, politics, and ethnic relations. Being on the native land of the local Indians, both Penn and Winthrop had to face issues and negotiations with the Indians. Penn and Winthrop had their own separate approaches to politics but they both sought a more just system than the one in England. After being persecuted, both Penn and Winthrop wanted their people to be free worship, but Penn and Winthrop each had their own…show more content…
Escaping from a corrupt government that England had oppressing them for many years, both Winthrop and Penn wanted a government which was self-governing and a government that was just for people. These early types of government would later help the creation of the government that would being the United States. The biggest motivation in Penn and Winthrop was their views on religion and how it should be carried out in the community. Penn was one the few and first to believe in religious toleration and freedom to worship any religion without the fear of persecution. The Quaker communities would welcome all forms of religion such as Baptism and Evangelism while the Puritans would be very secluded. The Puritans thought any other religion would bring in vile thought and immoral ideals that would affect their community. Puritans would discourage any other form of religion which made them a very isolated, homogenous, group of people. Penn's views would also shape the future government of the United States. Penn and Winthrop led their people to the New World with the hopes of starting a new, safe, society that escaped persecution. Their contact with the Indians and their differing views of religion would help them shape the politics of their communities. They both came with the similar goals but they would each carry it out in their own specific way. These early colonists would help influence the founding of many other communities, bringing in many new ideals

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