William Penn 's A Holy Experiment

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Angelique Ramos Mrs. Linder APUSH Period 6 13 September 2016 Unit 1 Essential Questions: Chapters 3 and 4 Discuss how William Penn viewed his colony as a “holy experiment?” How did the Quaker religion differ from Puritanism in New England? [Chapter 3…and Chapter 2 review] After establishing the last English colony during the seventeenth century, William Penn sought ways to create a safe haven for those who suffer from religious persecution in Europe. Additionally, William Penn also pictured a place of equality in which colonists and Indians can live in harmony while enjoying their religious freedom. William Penn might have considered his colony in Pennsylvania as his “holy experiment” because he wanted to try something different and test out new things within his colony such as establishing a place where there is religious freedom and equality. Furthermore, William Penn was an active member of the Society of Friends, Quakers, and his participation with the group helped him develop the concept of his “holy experiment” along with helping those who faced religious persecution. The Quaker religion and Puritanism derived from the same idea in terms of wanting a “holy experiment” except Penn envisioned something different from the Puritans. For instance, according to the Quaker principles, they believed in equality to all persons such as men, women, blacks, and Indians even before God. Another principle would be their perception of liberty, they believed that liberty is a
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