William Randolph Hearst And Building Hearst Castle

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Introduction: 28 years. That ‘s how long it took William Randolph Hearst to build Hearst Castle. Construction began in 1919 and did not end till 1947. Hearst Castle is a museum like no other. It is a 70,000 sq ft home that looks over the village of San Simeon, California. William Hearst called the estate “La Cuesta Encantado” which means The Enchanted Hill in Spanish.The incredible work done to this castle portrays the amazing talents people have. William Randolph Hearst had a thought, and idea when he decided to build this Castle and that thought has been constructed and portrayed in many different ways. Body: William Randolph Hearst was born April 29,1863 in SanFrancisco, California. His father was a multimillionaire geologist who…show more content…
In 1902 and 1904 Hearst won the election for House of Representatives as a New York Democrat, but never again did he serve in a government spot. In 1903 Hearst married a 21 year old showgirl named Millicent Willson. They had 5 sons together, but in 1917 he fell in love with another 20 year old showgirl named Marion Davies. There relationship ended at his death. When his mother died, he took up permanent residence in his fathers 168,000 acre ranch in Southern California where he built Hearst Castle. In the 1920’s Hearst owned 20 daily and 11 Sunday papers in 13 cities and 6 magazines including Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping. But in the late 1930’s funds were suddenly running out so he was forced to turn over the empire to hold off any economic failure. All of Hearst’s public powers as a newspaper owner and much of his private future were sold. He died on August 14, 1951 in Beverly Hills, California. Transition: Using the land that he inherited he built the magnificent Hearst Castle in 1919. (VISUAL AID #1) The Hearst’s Castle contains: 38 bathrooms, 41 bedrooms, 41 antique fireplaces, 41 antique ceilings, 2 elevators, a wine cellar, an indoor and outdoor pool, tennis courts, 3 guest houses, a zoo, a private airport, and 127 acres of gardens. The rest of the land inherited from his mother is all ranch land. Hearst also installed 3 vaults into the castle to keep all of the precious artifacts he collected safe and away from all the action. In Hearst 's day, the
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