William Randolph Hearst And The French Revolution

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Since Progressive era was the reformation period, many political and economic changes occurred in California. To know these reformation movements and other changes, the newspapers played an important role for the people in that period of time. Then, the more successful in newspaper, the more competitions occurred in journalists and publishers. There were many well-known newspaper tycoons such as Joseph Pulitzer and Ida Tarbell. Among them, William Randolph Hearst was the most successful person in newspaper chain because he had many resources and supports to do what he wanted, and his success led to influence in newspaper because he was the owner of the Spanish War and was able to build the media empire. Since William Randolph Hearst was…show more content…
Therefore, he was able to manage his own newspaper earlier than any others in his age because of his family background and the supports. In addition, as Hearst had a great starting point in his career, he had got success in his newspaper career because he had enough money to spend in upgrading and to buy many newspaper companies. Leonard describes his success in the media world by hiring the best journalists and talented writers. So, he could make the Examiner to succeed by spending more money from his father’s mines. Addressing how much he spent for his work, the writer mentions “Hearst spent more than $8 million of family money in his first decade of newspaper work.” Moreover, he purchased another newspaper, the New York Journal, and he owned more than two dozen newspaper nationwide. According to his profile, the writer said “In fact, nearly one in four Americans got their news from a Hearst paper.” Therefore, the more he purchased the newspaper companies, the more he became influence in that area because more than half of the people in the United States read his newspaper in that period of time. Furthermore, the yellow journalism was emerged in the late 19th century because of William Hearst, and that new term helped start the Spanish War. In the Article of “Newspaper Wars”, the writer explains how yellow journalism was founded. He describes “In September 1895, Hearst had acquired the New York Journal, one of the few major Eastern papers. Hearst had inherited an
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