William Rowe's Essay 'Why I Am A Muslim'

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After reading your “Why I am a Muslim” article, I found myself coming to a sort of realization spurred by your outlook on faith. You mentioned how your TV show “Believer,” which is about the fanatics of different religions, has impacted your faith. I personally think it serves as a testament to your own beliefs that you are able to look at the how and why of all these different religions and still be able to distinguish your own religion and make the claim that we all can cooperate in our respective searches for faith. And although I wholeheartedly agree with the conclusion of your article, I find myself questioning where you stand on whether or not concessions must be made by individuals to achieve this worldly coexistence.
The outlook I mentioned earlier being that every religious person believes in the same thing--they just choose a different method to express this faith. I found your example of using wells to reach underground water the best way to explain your philosophy of this. We may all be using different wells in our search for our faith but we are all reaching the same underground spring which will satisfy the question of “Why?” Although this analogy serves as
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This feeling could be what you are describing when you talk about the well that we are all searching for in our quest for faith. If something such as this is what you meant by everyone finding their “well” then I agree with you that a person can use faith as something to depend on for guidance and moral values. However, this can be where other issues arise when trying to coexist amongst simple, yet fundamental, differences in
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