William Shakespeare Commoner Essay

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William Shakespeare was a commoner born in the nineteenth century.His father was a glove maker.His superior education was acquired from grammy school at Stratford and it expanded has he got older.Not only was Shakespeare a man of the theater, also was a writer with a literary career. Anti-Stratfordians are called authorship doubters.William Shakespeare did write his own work of literature because he had the education and experience to write such range of work.
William Shakespeare did write his own work of because he had the education to write such range of work.According to Alexa Stevenson, “..William Shakespeare has superior education, some of it acquired from grammar school in Stratford, but much expanded upon as an adult”( Research Penn State Par.3).This demonstrates that the education he accorded at Stratford grammar school help him later on in his life to writing such marvelous plays and poems.According to Alexa Stevenson ..” research show that even in a pre-library age, Shakespeare had a good deal of access to
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According to Alexa Stevenson, “As for lacking experience, anti-Stratfordians (as the authorship doubters are sometimes called) usually point to scenes featuring royals or to plays set in foreign countries, and argue that a provincial commoner such as Shakespeare could not have been familiar enough with these topics to have written his worldly plays” ( Research Penn State). This demonstrates that because Shakespeare was a commoner he couldn't have written or even been familiar with topics related to royal or foreign countries.However, this point of view sounds convincing at first because of his social status.William Shakespeare did have the education and experience to write such range of work.He had the education and experiences to back up his genius ideas. Shakespeare was more that a genius, he was a writer with a great education and
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