William Shakespeare Impact

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William Shakespeare was an extremely talented and important person from the 1500’s to this day. He is still taught about in schools today because he had a large impact on society and on our English language. In this report, I’ll be covering his life, like how he lived. His works, like his job and what he did. His accomplishments, as in important things he did. Lastly, his impacts, on us and on himself. I believe you’ll learn much more about William Shakespeare than you did before. William Shakespeare had a very different life than I thought. He was born on April 23rd, 1564 in Stratford-upon- Avon, England. His parents were Mary Arden and John Shakespeare, and he was one of eight children. Joan was the eldest and died at the age of two months, Margaret was alive for one year, William lived to be 52, Gilbert was 46 years old, Joan (number 2) lived to be 77 years of age, Anne died at 8, Richard died at 39, and the youngest, Edmund, lived to be 27. When William Shakespeare was just 13 he had to discontinue his education to help his father, who was a glove maker. They weren’t a very rich family and they did struggle at times. When he was going to college, he attended King Edward VI School and married Anne Hathaway in 1588 when he was 18 years old and she was 26. They had three children together, Susanna, Judith, and Hamnet. Susanna was the first born in 1583, and Judith and Hamnet are twins who were born in 1585. Throughout his life, he lived in Stratford-upon-Avon, England
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