William Shakespeare 's A Chance Essay

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Throughout history, few writers have been as revered as William Shakespeare. His poetry and plays have survived centuries, and the ideas within his texts have birthed entire genres. However, as time progressed beyond the 16th century, so did the English language. Many words have fallen out of use while the definitions of other words have changed altogether. Many individuals are often frustrated when attempting to interpret the riddles of Shakespearean wordplay. Often, readers will give up before having truly given the beauty of Shakespeare’s writings a chance. Fortunately, the miracles of modern technology—list the ones you will discuss between these dashes-- lend to students of Shakespeare the ability not only to grasp, interpret, and understand the written words, but this technology also gives new life in the mind’s eye, enabling students to more fully experience Shakespeare and the worlds he created without the trouble and expense of traveling to New York City or London and attending a production of the play. Biography of author: There is quite some mystery surrounding William Shakespeare. He was born April 1564, in Stratford-upon-Avon in the United Kingdom, He had an early childhood not unlike most other’s his age. Part of a large family, his father, John, was a glove maker and tradesman. Like many, financial woes racked his family. In his early childhood, he studied “classical education of Greek mythology, Roman comedy, ancient history, rhetoric, grammar, Latin and
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