William Shakespeare 's A Good And Lasting Legacy

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William Shakespeare William Shakespeare left a good, lasting legacy that we see almost every day and we don 't even know it 's there. A legacy is something that you leave behind weather good or bad, Shakespeare 's left a legacy of books and being thought as one of the greatest writers in the world. In William’s life he created many pieces of literature and words that people use everywhere today. We may not know a whole lot about William Shakespeare’s life but we can see that he was a very gifted man in playwriting. Some people still today, with all the knowledge we have about his think he may not have written all of his works, and that someone else wrote them and he was credited for them. Shakespeare was a man that wrote many pieces, and many inspired and helped teach other people a lesson. We don 't really know what Shakespeare 's life was really like but we can get a general idea from the pieces he has written. In all of his many great works, William Shakespeare remains a strange man when it comes to his history. There are just two sources of information on the Shakespeare and his works, and some documents that have survived from Elizabeth’s time. There are many holes in this piece of information, it tells us little about Shakespeare and who he really was (“Shakespeare’s Biography”). One of the biggest mysteries about William Shakespeare, is that he completely disappears for more than seven years. Shakespeare was married and living in the small town in England,

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