William Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night 's Dream

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Kilee Smith
Ms. Scannell
Honors English IV
March 24, 2017 In the A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare wrote about different aspects of love. Love is viewed as an arranged marriage in this story because Theseus and Hippolyta and Oberon and Titania had the girls parents decision on whom they must marry, however, their reactions to the marriage were much different. A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare explores the mature and stable love between Theseus and Hippolyta in contrast with the relationship of Oberon and Titania, that has a negative impact on the world around them. The story contradicts a healthy relationship to an unhealthy relationship by having one couple be so strong whereas the other relationship is so
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They seem to understand how a relationship is supposed to work, and they know their place. With Theseus being the king he must enforce laws, throughout the beginning of the story he talks privately with Egeus about Hermia, because she is resisting the marriage between her and Demetrius. He gave her the option to marry him, become a nun, or die. He gave her these options because he is kind and generous. Even though Theseus is full of pride, he is proud of his hunting dogs, which he insist to Hippolyta that these are the best ones than those that she has seen before. With this she decides to become silent. They also disagree on the play in that is performed during their wedding. He appreciates the effort and the sincerity of the ordinary people which allows his imagination to turn the effort into a good performance. However, Hippolyta sees the play as utter foolery, regardless of their effort. The love between Hippolyta and Theseus is more fully grown compared to the others and Shakespeare uses his comedy to show Hippolyta 's power over Theseus. Oberon and Titania, on the other hand, are portrayed with unjustifiable behaviour as they battle to retrieve the power that they want.
The strongest love that is portrayed throughout the story is Oberon, King of Fairies, and his fiance Titania. They have known each other for many years and have formed a strong bond with one another. Even
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