William Shakespeare 's Batman And The Dark Knight Rises

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There are five types of conflict that a character can experience: Person vs. Person, Person vs. Society, Person vs. God/Fate/ Destiny, Person vs. Self, and Person vs. Nature or Technology. Person vs. Person is conflict in which one character will oppose or be opposed by another character and an example of this is Creed where Adonis Creed fights Ricky Conlan so that Adonis can be the heavyweight champion. Person vs. Society is conflict in which a character and the society that he/she lives in are at odds, so an example of this would be The Dark Knight Rises. Batman’s bold actions diverge from the social norm, so when Batman is trying to help the people of Gotham and the cops try to arrest him. Next, Person vs. God/Fate/Destiny is conflict in which a character is in opposition of forces that are not of this world, so an example of this would be in the Bible where God tells Jonah to go to the town of Nineveh, and Jonah gets on a different boat, so God sends a storm, then Jonah gets swallowed by a whale and taken to Nineveh. Next, Person vs. Self is conflict in which the main character struggles internally, and this can be shown in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire when Katniss is struggling over her feelings for both Gale and Peeta. Lastly, Person vs. Nature or Technology is where a character is up against the harsh forces of nature or a type of machine or technology, an example of this would be After the End when a group of people are told there was a nuclear war and sent…
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