William Shakespeare 's Family Dynamics

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Many fathers appear in the works of William Shakespeare, family dynamics are the center of nearly all his plays. Shakespeare must have known that relations between members of shared bloodlines were ripe for drama, suspense, and highly emotional content. However, despite the many fathers depicted, and plays named for them, fathers King Lear and Titus Andronicus stand as share contrasts to one another. Both have their plays named ominously for them, insinuating that they are the center of the events, as was expected in during the period when these plays were written and published. Despite the separate locations and time periods the plays are set in, the patriarchal line of importance remains in both. However, Titus represents a man who loses the ability to control and protect his children from sinister others and even himself. Lear, however, suffers the tragedy of being betrayed and harmed by his own children. In this aspect Lear and Titus represent two extreme examples of fatherhood, and explore the faults and dangers of each. Titus Andronicus is set in ancient Rome and portrays the triumphant return of Titus Andronicus, as a war hero, bringing with him the spoils of war in the form of the Queen of Goths, Tamora, and her three sons. Roman custom dictated a sacrifice be made to as Titus puts his twenty two sons to rest. Titus selects the eldest of Tamora’s son to be used for the sacrifice. Tamora pleads to Titus for mercy, which he refuses, setting the whole revenge play into
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