William Shakespeare 's Hamlet And Franco Zeffireli 's Film Version Of The Story

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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Franco Zeffireli’s film version of the story are different in many ways, but the basic characters and basic plot remain the same. Franco Zeffirelli’s screenplay is an edited, re-vamped version of the original tragedy in which lines are cut and scenes are modified. Additionally, Zeffirelli modifies Shakespeare’s ghost scenes and uses narrative and film techniques to both create an overall suspenseful atmosphere and generate empathetic feelings towards Hamlet. The various changes made by Zeffirelli are interesting, and attempting to analyze the decisions made by the film director allowed for not only a deeper understanding of the film, but of the story Hamlet in general. In Act One of the play specifically, Zeffirelli reflows the play’s plot, adds to the setting of the scenes, and cuts dialogue in various places. Zeffirelli alters the plot and repositions some of the action of the play. This allows the plot to get right to the main action. For example, the opening scene of the film begins with several characters standing around, discussing the notion that they have just seen a ghost. Viewers of the play now become aware that there is trouble threatening Denmark as they watch this scene. We as viewers know that there is trouble because the king is making sure that the guards are equipped and ready, and because, evidently, the guards have seen ghosts at night. Additionally, the action in this first scene establishes the authenticity of the…

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