William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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Psychology is a combination of studies regarding human behavior and mental characteristics observed within all individuals. Author’s such as William Shakespeare have 4dictated their works in a way that allows for them to integrate common occurrences of new psychological findings into a text, giving them an opportunity to sculpt characters that differentiate themselves from one another. Psychoanalytical Criticism is the application of psychological studies incorporated into the findings of contemporary literature, principles founded by Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan are most commonly referred to in these texts. Hamlet is an identity that was shaped by Shakespeare himself in order to cope with the mental pain of losing his son, rather the play shows an opposing view and instead illustrates a son mourning over the death of his father. Shakespeare chose to highlight circumstances before the death of Hamlet’s father then continues to shape the story by dwelling on the emotional pain and leading Hamlet on a downward-spiral from that moment forward. From a psychoanalytical lens, it becomes clear that the playwright Hamlet written by William Shakespeare is more than capable of illustrating several psychological principles in order for readers to better comprehend the author 's psyche, along with the occurrence of Freud’s model which includes the Id, Ego, and the Superego used to form psychological and emotional ties within the reader.
Hamlet is a character that was fabricated to
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