William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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To be, or not to be; that 's the question” (Act III, Scene 1, P.1127) is of the most widely circulated lines. As we all know, it is also the most important part of the drama, “Hamlet”, which is one of the most famous tragedy in the literature written by William Shakespeare between from 1599 to1602. The drama was written at the age of Renaissance that reflects the reality of the British society in sixteenth century to early seventeenth century. During that period, Britain was in the era of reverse confusion, and "Hamlet" is just about the epitome of this era. The tragic play happened in Kingdom of Denmark dramatizes the revenge that Prince Hamlet intended to revenge his uncle Claudius who had murdered Hamlet 's father King Hamlet, subsequently seized the throne and married Hamlet 's mother Gertrude. In this drama, “Hamlet”, William Shakespeare unreservedly wrote about the betrayal, revenge, incest, and the affection of religion. Through reading and studying of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, I would like to claim that we need to overcome the gap between the ideal and the reality. First, in the drama, “Hamlet”, William Shakespeare did not write a lot about Hamlet 's revenge his uncle Claudius for his father 's murder. Instead, most part of the drama concentrates on Hamlet’s inner struggle to take action. Actually, the reality requires Hamlet to take action, but he hesitated. Hamlet is rarely initiative, he mostly was inspired and motivated by his father 's ghost so that we

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