William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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Hamlet is a revenge tragedy play that took place in Denmark. This play has many aspects that contrast with the role of a queen in the Shakespearian era. To manifest the worthiness of a queen is quite difficult for Queen Gertrude. Characteristics of a Queen Based off the statistics of what we know about queens, they are considered royalty, head of state, sovereign, strong, intelligent, and popular with the people and carries themselves with dignity. All the credentials that queen Gertrude didn’t have. Some critics are appalled by her actions and silent voice in the play because in Shakespeare’s plays the role of the women has always been strong willed and vocal; especially the queens have carried the attributes of what a queen is considered to be. Shakespeare being brought up in what is called the Elizabethan Age where Queen Elizabeth I sits on the throne and is insinuated to be the model for the role of a queen in his plays to which she had it all and never married so she held the throne down on her own. Selfishness and Betrayal The play opens up with Hamlet who has been summoned home from school to attend his father’s funeral. Hamlet is really depressed due to the death of his father. Hamlet’s mother, Queen Gertrude ends up marrying her brother-in law Claudius. Claudius is now king. Prince Hamlet is a bit suspects that something is going one, but can’t quite place his finger on it. His feelings of distrust are confirmed when the ghost of the king

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