William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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James Seth Frazier Professor Boyd English 1080 April 25, 2016 Hamlet’s Inner Struggle Hamlet has its unique place in the world of theater and is adored by critics across the world. The unique time frame in which Shakespeare wrote this marvelous tragedy was the age of Elizabethan theater. The period was marked by the rise of Renaissance humanism. The humanism was gradually superseding the middle ages values. The play clearly reflects the transitory phase of conflict of ideas at various levels. The God-fearing values were constantly challenged by logic and rationality. The play has a very common plot of kings, queens, and kingdoms. The themes of revenge, madness and mystery drove the plot. However, the uniqueness of the play lies in presenting the inner conflict of the protagonist rather than presenting him as a staunch avenger. The conventional plot and theme of the play were twisted and turned to elevate the moral conflict of the protagonist. While the inner conflict of Hamlet guided him and helped him to come to the right decision, it caused substantial delay in avenging his father’s death because mental anguish and indecisiveness governed his actions. The mystery of the Hamlet has been woven around the mental conflict of the protagonist. The action of the play advances in an absorbing supernatural environment. The revelation of the death of Hamlet’s father happens with the visit of a ghost. The ghost discloses how Claudius killed his father and urges him to avenge the

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