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Title: Hamlet Author: William Shakespeare Main Characters (Protagonist/Antagonist), Title, & Traits: Hamlet (Protagonist): Prince of Denmark. Sarcastic, intelligent, stricken with grief at the death of his father, Hamlet Senior. Son of Hamlet Sr and Gertrude. Disgusted by his mother’s marriage to his uncle, Claudius. He is profoundly reflective, but at times acts rashly (likely the result of the rage and grief that consumes him thanks to the circumstances). Has a desire to bring justice to those that have done him wrong. Claudius (Antagonist): Hamlet’s uncle and stepfather. Marries Queen Gertrude after murdering his brother, to Hamlet’s disgust. Hungry for power, Claudius’s actions portray questionable morals, but he shows signs of remorse later in the play. Horatio (Protagonist): Loyal to Hamlet until the very end, Horatio aids Hamlet throughout the play, appearing to be his best intentioned friend. When it seems Hamlet has no one else, Horatio is there. Gertrude: Appears to be shallow and frail. Morally seeks the easier path rather than the right one. Prone to self-preservation, even if it means marrying the brother of her husband mere weeks after his death. Setting: Late middle ages (1300-1499) Elsinore, Denmark (specifically the palace) Summary: Hamlet Senior, King of Denmark, dies. His brother Claudius claims the throne and marries Queen Gertrude shortly after the death of the King. Hamlet Jr is stricken with grief and disgust at this turn of events, and is

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