William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Hamlet

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English Communication
Folio Part 1: Hamlet
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In what ways does Shakespeare 's Hamlet explore the human mind?

The play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, is seen to be an exploration of the human mind and shows the consequences our actions have when they are acted in pure impulse and emotion instead of being thought about. The character Hamlet makes majority of his decision in the heat of the moment, but had trouble deciding which action to take after intense consideration. The actions that Hamlet does make have drastic consequences for him and more so for the other characters in the play.

The actions of Hamlet are made purely on emotion, but he think rationally before acting on.
Throughout the play, Hamlet encountered unthinkable stress and decisions to make but is able to think reasonably and follow his moral conscience. He argues how he can do the right thing, yet avenge the death of his father. However, when Hamlet acts impulsively his choices and actions seem irresponsible and neglectful. Emotions portrayed by Hamlet throughout the play are repeatedly challenging to determine. In Hamlet’s soliloquies, the audience is fairly informed of his inner fights and complications yet some of his actions seem rather analogized to what he has been saying in his soliloquies. Hamlet is predominantly seen as being depressed after learning about his father’s death, seriously disturbed by the incestuous actions of his mother and enraged his

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