William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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Take a look at any major action/drama television show on air today and you won 't find one that doesn 't have a character who is avoiding some sort of conflict by pretending like it doesn 't exist. The reason this character exist is because we can relate to them. We have all been guilty at some point in our lives of trying to act like a conflict we 've had has not existed or been a problem at all. In William Shakespeare 's Hamlet we are bombarded with characters that are avoiding conflict by acting like they don 't exist. Although majority of my classmates felt Hamlet was a play about revenge, I believe Shakespeare is addressing the issue of chaos and how it cannot be rectified by conjuring up a false reality; it only pushes the conflict into further disarray. This can be seen in how the characters pretend they are fine, how they 're forced to react instead of taking action to begin with, and how they 're reactions are extreme because they waited too long to act. Being lied to, getting into a heated argument, and feeling manipulated are just a few of the many situations in which people tend to pretend everything is fine. Let 's face it, people don 't like conflict. It is no different now than how it was in the time of Hamlet. At some point almost every character in Hamlet has had some illusion of grandeur that everything was just peachy in the kingdom of Denmark. Ophelia pretends that Polonius and Claudius manipulating her is fine even though it is interfering with her…

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