William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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Take a look at any major action/drama television show on air today and you won 't find one that doesn 't have a character who is avoiding some sort of conflict by pretending like it doesn 't exist. The reason this character exist is because we can relate to them. We have all been guilty at some point in our lives of trying to act like a conflict we 've had has not existed or been a problem at all. In William Shakespeare 's Hamlet we are bombarded with characters that are avoiding conflict by acting like they don 't exist. Although majority of my classmates felt Hamlet was a play about revenge, I believe Shakespeare is addressing the issue of chaos and how it cannot be rectified by conjuring up a false reality; it only pushes the conflict…show more content…
These two could have had a normal relationship had they not ignored the issues that they had. Instead they let chaos consume their relationship instead of rectifying it. We see a parallel of this in Claudius and Gertrude 's "incestuous" marriage. Although it is not truly incest, it is certainly in poor judgment to marry your deceased brother 's wife. Not to mention creepy. However, Claudius and Gertrude instead pretend that there is absolutely nothing wrong with their union. Although the chaos it is causing in Hamlet 's life is very apparent. I mean who wouldn 't be disgusted by having to call their uncle, dad, only two moth after their father 's death? It 's enough to drive a sane person mad let alone instill seeds of doubt in the minds of the people of Denmark. It just isn 't socially acceptable to re-marry within the same blood-line. However, the trio that takes the cake has to be Claudius, Gertrude, and Polonius and their conjured up illusion that Hamlet is going crazy solely because of his desire for Ophelia. It certainly wouldn 't have anything to do with the fact that Claudius murdered his father, married his mother, and bullies Hamlet telling him to grow up knowing full well what he did. Nor that Polonius is the reason why Ophelia rejects Hamlet. Nevertheless it is clear in the end that their fantasies come at the cost of all their lives in the end. It is because of
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