William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet Prince Of Denmark '

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Hamlet Prince of Denmark is one of the key plays that gives the audience an insight into human character. William Shakespeare chooses to focus on the influence of people’s emotions on their actions, rather than their rationality. In the play, the melancholic Prince Hamlet, chooses to avenge his murdered father by killing his uncle who marries his mother and assumes the throne. Although the plot is simplistic, it shows how Hamlet undergoes considerable emotional stress before exacting his supposed revenge. Traditionally, audiences characterize Hamlet as a hero because of the sympathy that his situation attracts. However, a deeper analysis reveals Hamlet as a selfish and immature person whose death is necessary in order to bring…show more content…
Horatio, or I do forget myself” (I.2.160), he implies that he spends considerable time in his head that he has almost forgotten the face of Horatio. Although the statement is an exaggeration, it paints Hamlet as a self-absorbed character who interacts with people in a rather impersonal sense. Given his conversation with his mother and Claudius in the second scene of the first act, Hamlet is only interested in interacting with people as an audience to his ideas. Hamlet’s self-indulgence contrasts with the simplicity and humanity demonstrated in Ophelia. Ophelia is disinterested in philosophical contemplation and her life is constructed externally through the love of people around her, especially Hamlet. Ophelia is uninfected with the pessimism of Hamlet and tries to see people as made up of goodness rather than corruption. In the beginning, although Ophelia is attracted to Hamlet, Polonius and Laertes warn her not to see Hamlet because they believe he is selfish. When Ophelia converses with Hamlet, Hamlet renounces that he never loved her in spite of the fact that he harbors a romantic attachment to the girl. The progression of the play makes the audience discern that Hamlet is using the girl as an outlet for his rage against his society. Hamlet is bound to distress Ophelia with his cynicism and the inability to appreciate love from the people around him. In the end, Hamlet causes so much
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