William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

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The drama Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is a renowned play that was written by William Shakespeare, it portrays love, tragedy, gluttony, and of course vengeance. Hamlet is a character that was perhaps the best dramatic person to be created in such a play. He is, in fact, irresponsible, however careful, polite, yet rude, affectionate, but cruel. People may, in fact, feel that this play is troubling, or maybe overwhelming, on the other hand, William Shakespeare possibly wrote this play over an incident that involved him and his life. Likewise, he may have written this particular drama so that he can lead his spectators on. A great actor known as Mel Gibson said that the reason why several people died in this drama all leads back to Hamlet not murdering Claudius because Claudius was pleading. This declaration is indeed amenable. “To take him in the purging of his soul, when he is fit and seasoned for his passage? No!” (III.iv.85) Hamlet states this when he sees his uncle the man that murdered his father, ruined his mother, and seized over the kingdom praying. He is certain that his uncle is praying for forgiveness and therefore doesn’t want to kill him. Although, Claudius is asking to keep hold of what he gained from his past and not praying for his wrong doings. Claudius says, “But O, what form of prayer, Can serve my turn? “Forgive me my foul murder"? That cannot be, since I am still possess 'd, of those effects for which I did the murder, my crown, mine own ambition
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