William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

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The drama Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is a renowned play that was written by William Shakespeare, it portrays love, tragedy, gluttony, and of course vengeance. Hamlet is a character that was perhaps the best dramatic person to be created in such a play. He is, in fact, irresponsible, however careful, polite, yet rude, affectionate, but cruel. People may, in fact, feel that this play is troubling, or maybe overwhelming, on the other hand, William Shakespeare possibly wrote this play over an incident that involved him and his life. Likewise, he may have written this particular drama so that he can lead his spectators on. A great actor known as Mel Gibson said that the reason why several people died in this drama all leads back to…show more content…
May one be pardon 'd and retain the offence? (III.iii.50-55) Meanwhile, Hamlet didn’t know the true reason why he was praying. Thus, he lets his vicious uncle live for now. Once he finds his uncle Claudius sinning again he will make sure he does get his retribution. Hence, this is how Mel Gibson’s point comes across because if Hamlet proceeded to kill his uncle while praying, he would have been able to stop demises. Such as, Ophelia, Polonius, Guildenstern, Rosencrantz, Gertrude, Laertes, and even Hamlet himself. All those lives could have been avoided if Hamlet had the courage to kill Claudius when he had the chance. Polonius was a fraud and very loyal to King Claudius but even though Hamlet knew that he wouldn’t have murdered him. If he identified who was the real person behind everything and of his mother Gertrude; he would have exterminated Claudius. Hamlet thought that Polonius was his uncle Claudius, and he stabs Polonius for not recognizing who was really behind the curtains. In fact, this proves that Hamlet didn’t kill Polonius on purpose because if he knew it was Claudius, then he wouldn’t have taken impulsive actions. This suggestion seems to show how right Gibson’s idea was. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern could have been spared too because Hamlet didn’t have a good reason to murder them except for him to be saved himself. For Hamlet to stay alive, he had to kill those men because they were there to damage his plans for vengeance. He ended
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