William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Tainted Justice

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Rahul Sehrawat Ms. Piacente ENG4U1-07 Friday, May 20, 2016 Tainted Justice In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, one of the major themes is justice. Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, vows to avenge his father’s murder and does so in Act 5, scene 2 by killing Claudius. This play can be seen as a trial and after tracing the courtroom imagery, it can be concluded that justice is served in Act 5, scene 2. In order for a trial to commence, there has to be some form of disruption. Shakespeare leaves no stone unturned to set up the anxious and apprehensive atmosphere in the beginning of the play in Act 1, scene 1.We start the play after the king has been dead for two months and immediately in the beginning of the play, Bernardo says, “Who’s there”(1.1.1)? This pithy line conveys tension, nervousness and urgency because it should be Francisco, the current sentry on duty, who should be asking this question; instead, it is Bernardo who challenges Francisco. This shows the theme of corruption and makes clear that the characters are uneasy because they act contrary to military practice. Bernardo and Francisco are anticipating the arrival of a ghost. Furthermore, this ghost appears to be the ghost of Old Hamlet. This is a significant reason for the disruption in the moral condition of Denmark. In fact, Horatio, a scholar and Hamlet’s most trusted and loyal friend, remarks after a brief encounter with the ghost that “[t]his bodes some strange eruption to our state”(1.1.69). Hence, it is

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