William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - The Role Of Actors And Acting And The Way

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A lot of people would see insanity and corruption to play the most important role in Hamlet. However, other people may argue that the main theme in Hamlet is Shakespeare’s use of actors and acting and the way it is used as framework on which insanity and corruption are built. Shakespeare demonstrates the theme of actors and acting in his characters, the illusion that the individuals assume and the introduction of the ‘play within a play’. This connection allows certain characters to wield the actions and thoughts of others.
The facades that each character assumes are all important to the complex duplicity and insanity that follow. It shown that all characters in the play have multiple personalities with the exception of Horatio. The characters reveal what’s behind their mask only when they talk to the audience during the asides and soliloquies in addition to the manipulation of language for Hamlet’s case. Furthermore, Shakespeare introduces the actors to add the ‘play within a play’ effect. This acts as a tricky literary device that suggests that the play itself revolves around the charade undertaken by most of Shakespeare’s characters as the ‘play within a play’ occurs in the middle of the play…...
Shakespeare’s presentation of the way King Claudius acts ties with the idea that each character of Elsinore assumes a false personality. Shakespeare presents King Claudius as a person who can manipulate others easily. He is skilled in public speaking and thus, able to persuade

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