William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Uncertain Madness And Insanity

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Uncertain Madness and Insanity Madness can drive a person to do actions that could be described as weird, strange, concerning, and disturbing. Hamlet, the main character in the play Hamlet, leads people on to believe he has gone mad and insane. There is a debate that if Hamlet is truly mad, or if he is faking being mad. Also if he Hamlet does slip into insanity in the play at any point. Well with the evidence shown in the play, Hamlet is faking going into madness for most of part. Hamlet does in fact though show signs that he did slip into insanity including near the end of the play. The first question that should be asked is why is Hamlet acting as if he is falling into madness in the first place? Well at the beginning of the play…show more content…
Cain’s jealousy caused him to murder his brother as did Claudius’s jealousy caused him to kill his brother Hamlet. Claudius killing his brother gave him a whole kingdom, a queen and power and he regretted none of it. Hamlet finding out about this terrible act had brought him distress and promised his father that he would get revenge for his murder. He first needed hard proof though if his uncle truly did kill his father, just in case the ghost he was talking to was actually a demon. To make sure no one thinks he is up to anything, he begins to act as if he had gone mad. No one knew of this plan other than Horatio his best friend. After a while of Hamlet acting out of sort King Claudius was determined to find out what was wrong with Hamlet ,and he was having this type of behavior. Claudius sends two of Hamlet’s old friends Guildensten and Rosencratez to seek out information on Hamlet of why he has been the way he has been of recent. Which Hamlet soon realizes that he can not trust either of them. He even gives them a chance to admit of what they are doing. Also Polonius believes that Hamlet has fallen into madness because of rejected love from his daughter Ophelia. His reasoning of this is because One of the few acts of madness he displays to the people around him involved Ophelia which frighten the Hell out of her. Which Hamlet realized that could blow his cover of acting mad and he couldn’t afford. The way that he is acting was for the

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