William Shakespeare 's King Henry Iv

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Since the start of civilization, leaders have pondered over the qualities that makeup an honorable and legitimate ruler. In William Shakespeare’s play King Henry IV Part One the audience must decide what makes an honorable leader. Throughout the play the main characters, King Henry, Prince Harry, Hotspur, and even Falstaff, help the audience realize what makes up an honorable leader for others to follow. The first character that William Shakespeare wants the audience to look at is King Henry. Henry represents the truth and goodness of the kingdom that he commands. There is some speculation as to how he became King, and rather or not he is the true King of the country. King Henry can be compared to United States President’s Andrew Jackson or Abraham Lincoln. King Henry holds the country together despite parts of his country forming a rebellion against him. Henry is showing the importance of a strong and powerful ruler, just like Andrew Jackson the nullification crisis of 1836, or Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War. Andrew Jackson told his Vice President John C. Calhoun, “That the Union must be preserved.” Meaning that the country is more important than the individual state or person. Abraham Lincoln helped lead America through one of the most difficult periods of American history. All three of these leaders show a strong mind and a focus on preserving a unified country no matter the stakes. The next character that Shakespeare introduces to the audience is Prince
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