William Shakespeare 's King Lear

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In Shakespeare 's King Lear, families are torn apart and are dysfunctional. Dysfunctional meaning that they don’t interact with each other properly or normally as would be seen in other families. The families are also dysfunctional in the way that they stray from normal social behavior. In the play King Lear ,families are against each other. There are many causes for this, these causes make family members act harshly against each other, and finally their actions leave negative effects on the family as a whole.
The play starts with King Lear asking, well more like demanding that his daughters pronounce their undying love for him, Goneril along with Regan comply with his request while Cordelia refuses. This brings the first cause that can cause rifts in the family relations the kings, Goneril and Regan 's selfishness/greed bring the first problem. The king that wants the world to know how loved he is, which is why he is demanding to have his daughters proclaim their love for him. While the two sisters only do it because they know that great inheritance will come from it and Cordelia chooses to keep her integrity instead. King Lear’s pride and greed are what caused him to disown his favorite child as can be seen in Act 1 scene 1 line 232 where Lear states that Cordelia is “unfriended”, she is “new-adopted to their hate”. She has lost her family because of Lear’s, her father 's pride, greed and selfishness. In Shakespeare 's King Lear there is also a lot of mistrust ,or in
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