William Shakespeare 's King Lear

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William Shakespeare wrote the play of “King Lear” in 1986. This is a typical play of human coarseness and vengeance. The play challenges the audience through the contradiction of the goodness and primordial evil of a man. Many characters in this play demonstrate the tendencies of virtuous or vicious throughout the play. There are many themes in the play, but the most prevailing relates to the subject of justice. Shakespeare demonstrates this thematic deception of themes through instances of legal, divine, poetic justice and ultimately an erroneous sense of justice. Poetic justice is a literally device, which attempts to define the suitable retribution to vice or virtue of a character. The poetic justice is portrayed in the
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This is seen in act one, scene one, where he asks, “which of you doth love us most” (Shakespeare I.1). The audience can conclude that Lear is merely blind to the reality. He loves Cordelia more than the other daughters. He also values Goneril and Regan due to their submissiveness over genuine sense of devoted duty of Cordelia. Lear makes a mistake of letting his daughters rule the kingdom. He makes this mistake and fails to learn from it. He does not recover from saneness to emerge as a better ruler. However, his values change over time in the play. Lear realizes his weakness and triviality in relation to the remarkable force of the natural sphere. He eventually becomes a meek and a caring person.
Gloucester is a patrician devoted to King Lear. However, one thing that the audience learns about him is his adulterous behaviour. He fathered a bastard lad known as Edmond. The fate of Gloucester is similar to that of King Lear. This is because Gloucester miscalculates which of his kids to trust. Gloucester appears weak and incompetent at the beginning of the acts. This is when he fails to prevent King Lear from being turned out of his homestead. However, Gloucester proves that he is also adept of being a great heroism in the later acts within the play.
Edgar is the older and legitimate son of Gloucester. He plays a number of significant roles in the play of King Lear. He begins as an
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