William Shakespeare 's King Lear

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Shakespeare and Satire? Is King Lear a satire or is it a coincidence? Shakespeare’s King Lear has caused many arguments on whether or not it is satire towards King James. Also, what is satire? Through multiple sources and research, both sides will be evaluated and stated before I give my own opinion on the matter. Why does the play King Lear seem like a satire towards King James? Satire is the use of irony and exaggeration to ridicule a person’s actions and hide them in humor. Shakespeare’s King Lear is believed to be a way of giving King James a childish aura about him. King James and King Lear have many similarities that could depict the play as a satire. The most common similarity between the two kings is their attitudes. Both men expect to be loved and adored by everyone. Another thing is that King James had also used serpent references in his version of the bible, while Shakespeare had used a serpent reference in King Lear. This is another reason why King Lear is believed to be satire. Standing against them usually led to being either executed or banished from the kingdom. In King James’s The True Law of Free Monarchies, King James uses the term Pater patriae, in meaning states that the king is the father of his country. Meaning that the king rules all and all should respect him. The quote “-proposes that the king can do absolutely anything he wants, and nobody can criticize him.” was stated by King James to express his belief in his power over his land. In thinking

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