William Shakespeare 's Life And Accomplishments

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As we all know William Shakespeare was a well known and a highly sought after writer, but did he really deserve all that fame? As early as 1709, with Nicholas Rowe 's publication of his edition of Shakespeare 's works, the little information that we had about William Shakespeare began to show. Other than several early minor accounts, the preface of Nicholas Rowe 's edition contained the first biography of William Shakespeare. Rowe presented eleven known facts about Shakespeare 's life. By 1821, however, Edmond Malone in one of his editions of Shakespeare he claims that eight of Rowe 's facts were incorrect. Around the early twentieth century, a few more questionable discoveries had been made about Shakespeare 's life and biographies that contained a lot of speculation was published. Given the scarcity of biographical facts, speculation arose as to whether or not it was even probable that a man with Shakespeare 's background could have wrote the plays and poems credited to Shakespeare. Since what is known regarding Shakespeare 's life exposes little concerning his education or literary experience. Even though he is known throughout the world, for his works have been performed in countless villages, cities and metropolises for more than 400 years. But still the personal history of William Shakespeare is still a mystery. There are two sources that provide historians with a basic outline of his life. The first source is of course his plays, poems and sonnets. The other is

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