William Shakespeare 's Life And Life

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William Shakespeare 's life was very interesting, to say the least about him. “An English playwright and poet, William Shakespeare is often considered the greatest dramatist the world has ever known and the most recognized poet in the English language” (Lindaman). From a very young age, William was a very bright kid, who had gained a love for theater. Ever since that love as a kid, it only grew stronger. Not only did he have a love for theater, but also poetry. Throughout Shakespeare’s life family has been a huge part in all of his successes, especially his father. William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564. The exact date of William’s birth is not clear, although it is said to have been April 23. William was the third oldest of eight siblings. William although was not the oldest sibling, but he was the first son. William had 3 younger brothers and 4 sisters, two of which were older than him and two being younger. Out of the four sisters, William had only one, Joan Shakespeare, that lived past her early childhood years, due to the plague. William’s three other brothers all lived fairly old. One brother died in 1607, which was when William was 43. Shakespeare’s other two brothers both lived within the last five years of William’s life. His father John Shakespeare raised all eight siblings by himself. John owned a small glove making shop, in which he had gained by trade. John Shakespeare provided William with a sound education at Stratford’s school, for
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