William Shakespeare 's Life And Life

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William S. U’Ren’s parents came to the United States from Cornwall, England. William Richard U’Ren and his wife Frances, were religious followers of John Wesley and looked at the United States, as a new start. William S. U’Ren was born in Lancaster, Wisconsin, on January 10, 1859, and would be brought up within a religious home. His mother focused on the reading of the bible and understood the stories that foretold individuals looking for a better life. At the age of 17 (1876), William left his home and ventured to Colorado, becoming a miner. He would work two years, saving enough money to attend a business college, and studied law books in the evening, in Denver. His determination paid off, and in 1881, earned his degree and was admitted into the bar (age 21). William (from age 21-29) would practice law in Colorado and become an editor of a newspaper (in Tin Cup, Co.) and became fascinated with politics, becoming involved with the Republican assembly. In 1888, he was notified that he had contracted tuberculosis, and should move to milder climate, as he only had a few months to live. William moved to Honolulu and become fascinated with the written work, Progress and Poverty, by Henry George. He understood Henry George’s idea of a “single tax” and how it might be the answer to the issues of poverty, within the United States. William S. U’Ren would only work in Hawaii for a year, before deciding to venture to the Pacific Northwest. He wanted to die in the United States and
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