William Shakespeare 's Lord Of The Flies

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Henry enters the court with his different rulers. Suffolk has come back from France with Margaret, whom he shows to the lord as his new wife. He additionally brings a peace giveaway from France, which Gloucester peruses. He flounders when he goes to an entry about the French keeping the regions of Anjou and Maine consequently for Margaret. Gloucester is disturbed with this loss of area, once hard-won by Henry V and by alternate rulers in late French wars. He estimates the up and coming loss of France and takes off. Beaufort talks against Gloucester, recommending to Buckingham and Somerset that they plot to remove him. Salisbury and Warwick chat with York about attempting to choke the impact of Suffolk and Beaufort, two eager and prideful nobles. York, took off alone, talks about his confidence in his case to the throne and his disappointment that Henry energetically permits handles that are legitimately his own to be come back to the French. Yet he can 't make his cases yet; he wants to favour Warwick and Salisbury. Gloucester identifies with his wife, the Duchess. He had a fantasy that his staff of office was broken, yet she envisioned that she was going to be delegated ruler. He encourages her not to discuss her unbalanced desire, since she is now the second lady in the kingdom, behind Margaret. Hume enters, and the Duchess and Hume examine her passion to contract a witch and seer to call upon spirits to get some information about the fate of Henry 's rule. Solicitors go
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