William Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

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Vaughan 1 Katelyn Vaughan Dr.Ferguson English IV DE/AP 24 January 2016 Macbeth Research Paper Although William Shakespeare is not historically accurate with his play Macbeth, there are many possible reasons as to why his historical interpretation differs from reality. He may have wished to flatter the king and, when taken into historical context, may have wished to warn others of the fate handed to those who would oppose the king. Although there are many differences between the play and history, Shakespeare remains truthful in some aspects, making his play as unique as the history that inspired it. Differences and Similarities of the Characters and History Macbeth and King Duncan Macbeth and Duncan were real people who existed in history, but they differ greatly from their storybook personas. Macbeth was not the brash and abrasive, terrible leader he was in the play. There was no downward spiral of greed, lust and power, fueled by a crazed mind. Macbeth was a very successful and honest ruler. He ruled after the death of Duncan due to a legitimate right to the throne through his mother’s side. His rule as a Scottish king was successful and lasted for seventeen years under the wise and well respected rule of this king- unlike the one unsuccessful year it lasted for in the play. Macbeth had many triumphs during his rule. He “ruled with an even hand and encouraged the spread of Christianity. He enacted several good Vaughan 2 laws, among them one that enforced Celtic
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