William Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth '

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“Let our just censures / Attend the true event, and put we on
Industrious soldiership.”
Macduff gives this speech to his troops in the country near Birnam Wood before the battle of Dunsinane. Macduff explains why Macbeth must be defeated, and encourages the soldiers into battle. This fills the gap/silence in the play when the army arrives at Birnam Wood between when they are ordered to cover themselves with Birnam Wood, and the orders to march towards Dunsinane castle to overthrow Macbeth. I will be presenting myself as Macduff, standing before the crowd of soldiers, explaining to them exactly why we are going to war, what we are fighting for and trying to fill the soldiers with the hate and anger that I feel for Macbeth to encourage them into battle.
Brothers in arms. My countrymen. Hark!

Let us not be driven by ambition of power. Let us not seek a higher rank. Let us be loyal to our homeland. I am a man of not many words, but I wish to remain a nobleman. My brothers I am testing you. How loyal are you? How will your vigour ensure the publics in power are leading honourable lives of duty?
I must avise you of why we are here, capitulated forces in arms. We must avenge thou country, homeland, and rightful King from the destructive power of ambition.

(Macduff trails off into his own thoughts, pacing up and down)

Why Macbeth? oh why? How dare you speak; “O, yet I do repent me of my fury. That I did kill them. Selfish Macbeth surely slain him.” (2.3.146-147) The evidence…
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