William Shakespeare 's Most Famous Writers Of All Time

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Time and time again, children have disappointed their parents; it happened in the past, it occurs now, and it will forever weave itself into the fabric of familial relations. William Shakespeare’s major works have survived the test of time due to their relatability, both then and now. Shakespeare, who become one of the most famous writers of all time, was born to Mary, who most likely could neither read nor write, and John Shakespeare. The Bard’s father was, “highly esteemed by his fellow townspeople, for he held a series of important posts in local government” (Greenblatt 43). Tensions arose in the Shakespeare family when William moved to London to pursue acting and playwriting. In his works, he embeds disappointment between the young and…show more content…
Henry V believes that a slave lives an easier life than he does. He mourns the loss of his freedom, not realizing a slave would feel the same. If Henry IV had not pursued the throne, Henry V would not have the entirety of England weighing upon his soul. The tension between the kings comes from choices of profession, an issue mirrored between the Bard and his father. During Shakespeare’s lifetime, families passed jobs from generation to generation and many believed Shakespeare would follow his father, as he trained from an early age. The author included conflict between family members that crossed multiple plays, just as his dispute with his father spanned years. Diverging from Henry IV and Henry V, where both men disappointed the other, Hamlet recounts the Prince of Denmark and his quest to live up to the greatness of his deceased father. Hamlet, one of Shakespeare’s most well-known tragic hero, encounters tension in three familial relationships: with his mother, his father, and his step-father. Beginning with Gertrude, the Prince has begun to despise his mother due to her actions following her first husband’s death. Hamlet believes women should not have sexual appetites and believes Gertrude has married Claudius simply for
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