William Shakespeare 's ' Much Ado About Nothing '

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Essay 2 Power is often a theme of Shakespeare’s plays. It is what separates the nobility from the commoners, and it often what the various characters seek. Yet when it comes to power in Shakespeare’s plays, it is often associated with male characters that are seeking it, such as King Richard of Richard III and Macbeth of Macbeth. There is little discussion of power concerning women because unlike their male counterparts, women of Shakespeare’s (and even modern) time are often overshadowed by the men in their lives. Women are expected to be gentle, soft-spoken and often hesitant to go against the grain. As a result, this type of characters often lacks any sort of power. However, the more characteristics associated with males that a female character adopts, the more power she gains. This phenomenon can be witnessed in both Much Ado About Nothing and As You Like It. Hero of Much Ado About Nothing is a female character that lacks any sort of power. She is the typical noble maiden of Shakespeare’s time. She is beautiful, soft-spoken, and listens well to the male characters of the play. Unlike their female counterparts, men are encouraged to be aggressive, outspoken and are given the opportunity to express their opinions. Hero seems to be hesitant or is never given the chance to express her opinions because she is often overshadowed by others, who talk for her. In fact, throughout the entire play Hero rarely speaks. When it comes to romance, Hero is very complacent and readily
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