William Shakespeare 's Much Ado About Nothing

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In William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, the course of Claudio and Hero’s relationship is the most troubled and the most realistic. While there are obvious feelings between the two characters, just like in real life, obstacles arise that shape the play’s events and their relationship. The problems that occur through the course of the play can be blamed on Don John’s actions and can also be attributed to Claudio’s tendency to be easily swayed. Eventually the issues are settled and Hero ends up with Claudio. After Claudio returns from battle, he realizes that he is deeply in love with Hero and quickly informs Benedick that he intends to marry her. Claudio says, “In mine eye, she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on”…show more content…
She, like Claudio, falls in love rapidly and is prepared to marry him based on first impressions. She knows little to nothing about his character, but somehow sees a future with him. Hero and Claudio begin their relationship young and naïve but grow together by first growing apart. Don John and Borachio easily trick Claudio into believing that both Don Pedro and Hero are disloyal to him. While the matter of Don Pedro’s loyalty is quickly resolved, the more problematic subject is Claudio’s belief that Hero is unfaithful. Claudio seems awfully insecure and it is his insecurity that can be attributed to his easily persuaded mind. The question arises; why did Claudio not confront someone else about Hero’s supposed unfaithfulness? While he thinks that he has proof of her disloyalty, one would think that if he truly loved her and knew the quality of the young woman she was, then would he not seek further proof of her infidelity and not publicly shame her before he knew the absolute truth? Also, why does Claudio fall for another trick of Don John’s? Claudio easily believes Don John because he really knows very little about Hero’s character. If Claudio truly loved and trusted Hero, then he would not have fallen for Don John’s trickery and would have recognized his villainy. While Hero and Claudio’s relationship begins with the shallowness of physical attraction, making their love affair the most realistic of the play. While there are bumps along
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