William Shakespeare 's Much Ado About Nothing

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Brittany Miller
Dr. Rebecca Coogan
EH 221
02 October 2016
Chaos Brings Laughter
William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, a comedy filled with differences between genders, witty banter between memorable characters Benedick and Beatrice, a plot of revenge that involves one character faking her death and let’s not forget the masquerade marriage that comes to readers at the end. Much Ado About Nothing, court politics while still maintain a profound amount of humor and wit. However, it is the honor and shame that is prominent in Much Ado About Nothing that we reach the turning point in this playwright, the moment everything takes a dark turn at the altar when the audience believes Act four scene one of Much Ado About Nothing is important because it presents itself as the critical turning point of the playwright as it transitions from a lighthearted comedy to a tragedy. This transition allows Shakespeare to blend two of his most commonly known playwright experiences into one. In the turning point of this Shakespeare play, Claudio, who stands ready to marry his bride, Hero, objects to the marriage by publicly shaming Hero’s suspected infidelity. Hero, completely stunned by the accusation made, faints from the shock while her father condemns her for her shameful act of defiance. After members of the wedding party leave the scene, the Friar, being the savior in the midst of this chaos is suspicious of the accusations made and convinces Leonato, Beatrice and Benedick to
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